Women must consider all threats serious

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Women must consider all threats serious

The International Women’s Resource Network has issued a plea for women to consider all threats as serious.

This after 22-year old Jada Pierre was attacked by an ex-boyfriend who her family says had threatened her in the past.

She had reportedly accepted a drop from an ex-boyfriend while walking along the road in her neighbourhood.

He reportedly hit in the head with a hammer before leaving her at the side of the road.
She remains in serious condition at hospital.

Jada’s mother Gina told police that the 23 year old man had repeatedly threatened Jada with violence in the past before this attack.

News Power Now spoke with President of the IWRN Sandrine Rattan on the matter.

Ms Rattan suggested that the battle to change the mindsets of men may be lost if the state, civil society and the national community fail to engage in proactive and collective dialogue.