Woman Locked Out of Hotel Room Dies After Being Stuck in Window


Woman Locked Out of Hotel Room Dies After Being Stuck in Window

A young Maryland woman died after getting stuck in the window of her hotel room in Florida.

According to People, a 22-year-old woman named Sydney Therriault stayed at the Pelican RV Resort & Marina when she reportedly misplaced her hotel key. In an attempt to get into her room, she decided to climb in through the window. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says that’s when the woman got stuck.

“She became stuck and asphyxiated,” the office said in a statement. They added that they believe “no foul play” took place. The hotel called the Sheriff’s Office and Marathon Fire Rescue at around 7:30 a.m., People reports. An autopsy will be done on the body, the office says.

The woman was loved by many. Several of her friends, family, and former schoolmates have penned tributes to her online. One of Therriault’s friends described her as “a beautiful, selfless, free-spirited soul.”

Maryland woman, 22, dies after getting stuck in Florida hotel window

Another tribute was dedicated to Therriault by private elementary school Butler Montessori. The school said Therriault “brought joy to everyone who connected with her.”

“There are many in our community who have felt the warmth of Sydney’s smile and we will be processing our hurt and missing her for a long time,” the tribute reads.