Teen reports rape by man wearing police uniform

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Teen reports rape by man wearing police uniform

The TTPS Child Protection Unit is reportedly looking into a report in which a teenaged girl was sexually assaulted by a man wearing a police uniform.

The assault occurred over the weekend in south Trinidad. The 16-year-old girl was at a bazaar at a primary school around 4 pm on Saturday when a man dressed in a police uniform approached and spoke with her.

Two hours later, he returned in a car and dressed in the police uniform pants and a T-shirt and offered to take the teenager for something to eat. She agreed.

He then took the teen to a secluded area where he had sex with her in the car. Afterwards, the suspect dropped the teenager at a junction in Moruga.

Sometime after 10 pm, the girl’s mother took her to the Moruga Police Station to make a report. A female officer then accompanied the girl and her mother to the Princes Town Health Facility where she was medically examined.

Police Complaints Authority (PCA) director David West is now the teenager to reach out to the authority.

The Moruga police forwarded the report to the Child Protection Unit.