Marine Park In Tobago  Temporaily Closed Until Further Notice

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Marine Park In Tobago Temporaily Closed Until Further Notice

In light of the recent shark attack incident at Turtle Beach/Courland Bay and subsequent sightings in the Grafton Area, the Buccoo Reef Marine Park authorities have decided to temporarily close the Marine Park until further notice.

This closure is effective immediately and applies to all recreational activities, including snorkeling, diving, glass-bottom boat tours, and any other water-based activities within the park boundaries.

The decision to close the Marine Park has been made out of an abundance of caution and to ensure the safety of all visitors and staff. The temporary closure will allow emergency responders, including the TT Coast Guard and the Department of Fisheries, to conduct a
thorough assessment of the situation and neutralize the shark threat, if possible.

This closure may cause inconvenience to our visitors and tour operators.

However, the safety of patrons and the protection of  marine ecosystem are top priorities.

The authorities are working closely with local authorities and experts to monitor the situation and will provide timely updates as more information becomes available.

The public will be notify  as soon as it is deemed safe to re-open the Buccoo Reef Marine Park.

In the meantime, all beachgoers, fisherfolk, and mariners are asked to exercise extreme caution when operating in the coastal areas surrounding Plymouth, Courland Bay, Black Rock, Mt. Irvine, Buccoo, Pigeon Point, Store Bay, and all areas in between.

For more information the public may contact Department of Marine Resources and Fisheries at 639-4354/4446.