Ramadhar to request copy of CoE report on Paria diving tragedy; says legal action to be filed

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Ramadhar to request copy of CoE report on Paria diving tragedy; says legal action to be filed

Attorney Prakash Ramadhar is seeking a copy of the report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Paria/LMCS Diving tragedy.

He intends to write to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley this week to formally request a copy of the report.

Ramadhar, who represents relatives of LMCS divers killed in the February 25, 2022, incident, said legal action will be filed before the second anniversary of the tragic deaths of four divers.

In an interview on CNC3’s The Morning Brew yesterday, Ramadhar said he is interested in the recommendations made by the chairman Jerome Lynch KC in the CoE report, which was submitted to President Christine Kangaloo last Thursday. 
The report was also given to the Office of the Prime Minister on the same day.

“In terms of evidence, I want to indicate that it is our intention to file legal actions. We were prepared to do that earlier this year but having regard to the timeliness and availability of the CoE report, we held our hand,” Ramadhar said.

“Certainly we will be ready to proceed more so with that CoE report in hand.”

The attorney condemned what he described as the ongoing disrespect, particularly during the CoE proceedings when certain responsible parties from Paria defended their actions and deemed abandoning the four men in the pipelines to be justifiable.

Ramadhar said beyond seeking financial compensation, the families will pursue criminal charges, aiming for accountability from those who left the men in the pipeline, hindering rescue attempts on that fateful day.

He said preaction protocol letters have been sent to Paria Fuel Trading Company and LMCS.

“Of course, Paria responded effectively saying they are not liable but having regard to evidence that came out of the Commission I find it unpalatable for them to hold on to that position,” Ramadhar said.

However, if Paria maintains that stance, Ramadhar said the Government can make ex gratia payments until the court makes a final order.