Husband and wife charged with assaulting Traffic Warden

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Husband and wife charged with assaulting Traffic Warden

A Diego Martin couple is expected to appear in court charged for assaulting a traffic warden in the execution of his duties.

KEVON VICTOR, 33, and CHRISTINE JOHN-VICTOR, 27, of Eligon Avenue, Diego Martin, were summoned to court by WPC Neptune, of the Port-of-Spain City Police, after police intervened and saved a traffic warden from further injuries following an altercation along Frederick Street yesterday morning.

According to the 68-year-old victim, at 8.35 am, he was conducting traffic duties in the vicinity of Scotiabank when he observed a driver in breach of a no parking sign. The traffic warden approached the driver and enquired of him the reason as to why he was breaching the road sign.

During the exchange, the driver allegedly hurdled threats to kill and refused to produce his driving documents to the traffic warden. After several requests for the documents, the man came out of the vehicle and reportedly became aggressive and proceeded to assault the warden. According to the warden, the driver aggressively pushed him, causing injuries to his nose and upper lip.

During the melee, the man’s wife allegedly joined in, grabbing the warden’s neck and clothing, causing further distress to the traffic enforcement enforcer. The traffic warden however managed to escape.

Port-of-Spain City Police who were on foot patrol were alerted to the altercation and rendered aid to the traffic warden.

All parties were conveyed to the Port-of-Spain City Police Headquarters where statements were recorded and the alleged offenders were summoned to appear in court by WPC Neptune.

City Police are sternly warning drivers that any attack on law enforcement officers will be met with a zero tolerance approach and offenders will face the full brunt of the law, as both the City Police and Traffic Warden Division ensure the safety and security of all law-abiding citizens in the Capital.