Wisconsin Certifies Biden as Winner in State as Trump Fails to Stop Vote


Wisconsin Certifies Biden as Winner in State as Trump Fails to Stop Vote

Today I fulfilled my duty to certify the elections of November 3rd and, as required by state and federal laws, I signed the certificate of verification for the voter’s list of the elected president. Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, “Evers, a Democrat, said in a statement.

The governor signed the documents shortly after the Wisconsin Election Commission finalized the statewide results. Biden’s victory was confirmed after the recount requested by the Trump campaign in two counties.

While President Donald Trump’s campaign has pledged to further challenge the state’s results in court, the governor’s certification is a blow to Trump’s long-term attempts to overturn election results in multiple states, including Wisconsin.

Election officials have now certified the results in a number of other nearby states in which Trump had launched legal battles, including Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona, which certified his results earlier Monday.Among the Trump campaign efforts in Wisconsin was a demand for Dane County election officials to reject tens of thousands of mail-in ballots. The bipartisan panel of county canvassers unanimously rejected the decision.

The Dane County recount, which ended on Sunday, showed Biden won by 181,340 votes, as the president-elect’s lead fell by 45 votes.

On Friday, Biden recorded a net gain of 132 votes in a recount in Milwaukee County.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul on Monday criticized the Trump campaign for what he called a “shameful Jim Crow strategy” to deny black voters their rights in state recounts.

“It is clear that President Trump and his officials used the recount to demand rule changes after the election. These changes would result in the rejection of tens of thousands of votes, if not more – and the President’s representatives have only sought to apply these changes to the votes cast in our two most populous counties, in which the majority of black Wisconsin lives, ” Kaul said in a statement.

“I am convinced that this shameful Jim Crow strategy for the massive deprivation of voters’ rights will fail,” the statement read. “Wisconsin’s elections are decided by the will of the voters, not by legal post-election maneuvering. ”