TSTT denies that RansomExx got into its databases

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TSTT denies that RansomExx got into its databases

Despite reports that it sustained a cyber attack this month, the Telecommunications Services (TSTT) has assured that there has been no loss, manipulation or compromise of customer data from its databases.

In a statement yesterday, the telecommunications service provider said it had not corroborated data currently in the public domain purported to be customer information. It noted that various TSTT platforms generate terabytes of data but assured customers that its cyber security processes operated optimally and restricted cyber criminals’ malicious plans.

Falcon Feeds, an India-based technology security company, reported on its X social media account that RansomExx, a ransomware group, added TSTT (http://tstt.co.tt) to its victim list. It claimed to have access to 6GB of organisation data.

One website described RansonExx as a notorious ransomware group that has carried out cyberattacks globally since 2018. It rose to prominence in 2020 after it attacked high-profile organisations.

Ransomware is a cyberattack that blocks users from accessing their files. The cyber attackers encrypt the files and demand a ransom from the site owner to regain access to their files.

TSTT confirmed that cyber criminals attempted to gain unauthorised access to its systems on October 9. It said cyber threats like this are a continuous feature of modern digital operating systems, and telecommunications infrastructure was no exception. TSTT said it continuously invested millions of dollars in its processes and information technology (IT) infrastructure to protect its systems and the data it produces and stores.

“At the onset of the threat, TSTT’s incident response processes were swiftly activated. The company took immediate steps to minimise the security vulnerability, successfully isolating its systems and applications. These applications were subsequently quarantined, rebuilt and put back into production as part of clearly defined policies and procedures,” the release stated.

The company said it also enlisted internationally recognised cybersecurity experts and partners to investigate the attempted breach and advise on implementing additional security measures and protocols. TSTT said it already implemented some recommendations.

“TSTT strongly condemns the actions of these terrorists in unlawfully attempting to gain access to its customers’ information. The company will continue to invest in hardening its IT environments under the guidance of international cyber experts to ensure the security of customer information.”

Although TSTT denied that RansomExx got into its databases, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) is calling for the firing of CEO Lisa Agard and Chief Financial Officer Shiva Ramnarine.

General Secretary Clyde Elder said the union’s information was that the hack was a direct result of TSTT’s willful and deliberate negligence. Elder said the company repeatedly refused to spend money on cybersecurity, claiming it was too costly.