PM: State will redouble all efforts to curtail crime

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PM: State will redouble all efforts to curtail crime

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says the state will “redouble all efforts” in the fight against crime. He says the efforts will aim to curtail “these violent outbursts, will hunt down and disarm the perpetrators and will make operational adjustments so that the state security services can act with despatch against the violent cohort of our national population.”

In a brief statement on Tuesday, Dr Rowley said, “The current violent crime spree will not be tolerated.”

He added, “Notwithstanding the persistent efforts of the various state machinery, the selection of violence as a way of life, the love affair and glamorization of firearms and the wanton disregard for human life in Trinidad and Tobago has now gone beyond concerning to the ridiculous.”

The Prime Minister said the “intractable situation” demands that the law-abiding citizens be given the right to their peace and safety above the freedom of the lawless and the violent few who operate with impunity.