New exemption form and website for nationals entering T&T

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New exemption form and website for nationals entering T&T

Minister of National Security, Stuart Young announced a new exemption system for nationals who wish to return home.

The announcement was made this afternoon, Friday January 22nd, during a media conference. Minister Young said the new website and form to fill out for travel exemptions will allow for a faster and more accountable process for citizens to enter T&T

Minister Young said the form will ask when citizens when they left the country which he says will be verified with immigration.

This new system he says will be launch from Monday.


Minister Young also said persons can only fill out the form once and citizens can fill out the form for family members.

Citizens will also be asked to make a declaration on the form, which will ask if the information on the form is clear and truthful.

He also gave a breakdown of applications vs exemptions granted at different dates since the borders were closed.
Nov 20th -13,9222 applications-7,895 exemptions granted
Dec 23rd- 17,211 applications-9557 exemptions granted
Jan 21st 2021-19,941 applications-11,683 exemptions granted.