Keyshia Cole Cursed Ashanti BTS of the Verzuz Battle


Keyshia Cole Cursed Ashanti BTS of the Verzuz Battle

While fans were locked into the Keyshia Cole Verzuz Ashanti on Thursday night, there was reportedly a lot of drama going on behind the scenes!

Entertainment news sources confirmed that Keyshia Cole showed up more than an hour late for the battle- which had Ashanti and her people furious.

One insider explained that, “Ashanti had a few words for Keyshia, called her ‘unprofessional.” The insider added, “Keyshia told Ashanti F you back.”


However, once the two ladies got on camera – it was all business.

The versus battle went off pretty smoothly with one hitch – folks were shocked when Keyshia brought out rapper OT Genasis when she played her iconic single, “Love.”

OT sang along with Keyshia — and both appeared to have patched up their differences.

In the past, the rapper upset Keyshia with claims that she “smells like fish.” In 2019, he shared a “Cuz” remix of Cole’s 2006 track — but Keyshia was not feeling it.

“I would like my classics to be left alone,” she said at the time. “How I’m going to get paid, you know what I’m sayin’, if you making new lyrics and you ain’t sent me out a check or anything like that?” Afterward, the two sent a few more jabs in each other’s direction but now it seems like all is well between them both.

The battle peaked at 1.2 million viewers on Instagram alone on Thursday night.