CAL dismisses security officers


CAL dismisses security officers

An agent from Caribbean Airlines (CAL) told the security guards attached to the airline to go home, since they lost their jobs. The security guards are attached to Intercept Security Ltd.

CEO of Intercept Valmiki Samaroo said that CAL sent him a letter advising him that the officers had lost their contract. But when he reached out to the company for further clarification, he was informed that a representative from the airline told the security officers to go home. As a result, the security guards walked off the job.

Samaroo, who is also the lawyer for the guards, said his officers believe that the sudden dismissal is strange. The security firm has worked for the airline for the last 16 years. The officers provide counter narcotics and counter terrorism security for the airline.

Discussions is currently underway between Samaroo and CAL.