Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra: Single Take function


Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra: Single Take function

Single take is a whole new way to capture a moment in different angles!

The feature is housed right on the main camera mode tray. With a single tap of the button the AI takes video, shoots stills, and even makes little GIF-style video clips from the moment you want to capture, all in one go.

Movement in your scene is essential to get the best from this feature. Single Take has more to work with when something is happening around you or the focus of your video.  Essentially, it is recording video and it pulls the best shots from it along with fun gifs.  This function works with both the rear facing and selfie camera. We got all the content for this post with one (1) Single Take…pardon the pun.


Each Single Take shot can be edited and shared individually. Single Take is easy to use and a really a fun feature.