Ramesh Maharaj Urges PM Rowley To Lay Petrotrin/A&V Oil And Gas Judgement Before The Parliament.

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Ramesh Maharaj Urges PM Rowley To Lay Petrotrin/A&V Oil And Gas Judgement Before The Parliament.

A call has been made for Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, to lay before the parliament, the judgment of the court in the A&V Oil and Gas Company and Petrotrin matter.

The appeal comes from Attorney At law for A&V, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, Senior Counsel.

Mr Maharaj made the request while speaking at a news briefing Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Maharaj said the Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar made statements that A&V overstated the volumes of oil which it sold to Petrotrin and the company received payments from Petrotrin for fake supplies of oil.

He said the termination of the contract which A&V had with Petrotrin for it to supply oil to the Company had its origin in the allegations made by the Opposition Leader at a public political meeting on September 10th 2017.

Mr Maharaj said the Opposition Leader stated she was reading from an internal audit report of Petrotrin.

Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar, Mr Maharaj said, then alleged A&V was getting away with fraud and misconduct because the company was a financier of the People’s National Movement and its Chief Executive Officer was a personal friend of the Prime Minister.

Mr Maharaj said from the official records he has checked the Prime Minister is not a shareholder or Director and has no connection to A&V.

Mr Maharaj said the internal audit report which the Opposition Leader read was a draft report, it was not a final report, and was a  private and confidential report which should not have gotten into the possession of anyone outside of Petrotrin.

Mr Maharaj said those allegations and statements were held by the three judges who sat as arbitrators to be untrue and that they are not supported by evidence.

Mr Maharaj added that by settling the dispute between A & V Oil and Gas and Petrotrin the Company  has saved the taxpayers of Trinidad and Tobago millions of dollars which Petrotrin would have had to pay as damages, interest and costs at the end of any further legal battles undertaken by Petrotrin.