Extensive Wasa Wells Programme Underway

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Extensive Wasa Wells Programme Underway

The Water and Sewage Authority will sink 26 new wells this year as part a water expansion programme geared to ensure every household in Trinidad and Tobago receives a consistent 24-hour supply of pipe borne of water at least three days a week.

The programme is already underway, with wells completed successfully in Freeport, Las Lomas and Granville that are now providing residents in these areas with an additional 1.1 million, 350,000 and 110,000 imperial gallons per day, respectively.

Twenty of the 26 wells are being funded from the Ministry of Public Utilities PSIP.

These projects are expected to produce approximately 4,430,000 gallons per day and benefit over 30,000 persons.

Three of these are currently in progress in the Mayaro (Well#18 & #19) and Granville (Well B) supply zones.

Another six wells are being funded as part of the Interamerican Development Bank’s  water expansion programme and are expected to produce 1,840,000 gallons per day and benefit approximately 20,000 persons.