Tobago Road Development In Jeopardy By New Cargo Restriction

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Tobago Road Development In Jeopardy By New Cargo Restriction

The cargo vessel, Cabo Star, is now limiting the shipment of bitumen to 450 litres at one time.

This is according to a communique received by THA Infrastructure Secretary Trevor James from the Port Authority’s Ag. Chief Executive Officer, Vilma Lewis-Cockburn, following investigation.

The bulk shipment of bitumen used in road works is now constituted as a breach of the new SOLAS Certification for the M.V. Cabo Star.

The certification for the vessel was recently reviewed and upgraded without consultation or communication with the Tobago House of Assembly and businesses on the island.

In a media release from the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development James, in a local morning talk show programme Tuesday, said he became aware of the situation when he received a call from a contractor on Thursday regarding being denied to ship a large quantity of bitumen to Tobago, of which he was previously permitted.

Like the recent restriction to export aggregate from Tobago, James said that he believed that this development is another issue in a series of actions that seems to be going in a particular direction.

The Division said this development will affect the Assembly’s work, construction and some services.

The Secretary has since engaged with officials from the Ministry of Works and Transportation with a view to varying the restriction, as the change has grave implications for local production and efficiency.