Donald Trump Publicly Announces Running Again in 2024

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Donald Trump Publicly Announces Running Again in 2024

According to information released today by the news network NBC, Donald Trump has been discussing with family members the possibility of announcing the launch of his campaign for the elections in 2024 on January 20th, the date on which Joe Biden takes office as 46th President of the USA.

“It has been a fantastic four years. We are trying to fulfill four more years. Otherwise, we will be together in four years,” Trump said Tuesday night during a Christmas party at the White House.

The event, attended by Republican Party officials, was not open to the press, but a video of his speech began circulating minutes later, almost a month after the presidential elections that gave Democrat Joe Biden victory, despite Trump continues to refuse to admit defeat, alleging the existence of “electoral fraud”.

“At the moment, we have found no fraud on a scale that could change the outcome of the election,” said attorney general William Barr on Tuesday in a particularly relevant statement for being part of the outgoing President’s team.

Barr’s line may have helped impel Trump to publicly admit his candidacy in 2024, trying to steal the attention of the President-elect as he is preparing his government team, which has been presented over the past few days .

Can Donald Trump run for president in 2024? In the US, a president can serve two terms and they can be non-consecutive. After two terms in office, that’s it. As the 22nd amendment of the US constitution states, “no person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice.”

In theory, nothing prevents Trump from running again in the next presidential elections, since the Constitution is silent on this matter.

So far, only one man has made that decision: Grover Cleveland, who was elected President in 1884, having been defeated in 1888 and elected again in 1892, having been the 22nd and 24th President of the USA.