National Consultation on Education begins; SEA and curriculum reform high on the agenda

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National Consultation on Education begins; SEA and curriculum reform high on the agenda

“T&T is filled with people who are knowledgeable and capable of submitting ideas, which can benefit the country.”

Those were the words of Education Minister, Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, as she launched her ministry’s 2020 National Consultation on Education on Monday.

The consultations, under the theme ‘Transforming Education – It takes a Village’, began officially on Monday and will run until December 4.

The consultation process will take the form of virtual townhalls, stakeholder meetings, surveys and written suggestions submitted by email or delivered to Education District offices and MP’s throughout the country.

Gadsby-Dolly admitted the sudden onset of the Covid19 pandemic has brought new challenges, forcing the ministry to hasten its approach to ensure that no one is left behind. It is why she believes the consultation is needed now.

She said, “Some of these issues are long-standing issues that we review from time to time as a country but sometimes it is not conclusive in respect of how we want to move forward and some of these issues are definitely based on COVID-19.”

She said the input of students and key stakeholders will also play a pivotal role in the data collected and a questionnaire just for students is available on the website.

The topics will include the conduct of the SEA and transition to secondary school, parental involvement in education, blended learning, curriculum reform, the Teaching Service Commission and the Concordat.

The public can e-mail their suggestions to [email protected], or WhatsApp 776-0440. Questionnaires will also be available on the ministry’s website