Motorist held for attempting to bribe police officer

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Motorist held for attempting to bribe police officer

Two men were arrested after one of them allegedly attempted to bribe a police officer in Port of Spain on Tuesday.

Officers were on foot patrol along Charlotte Street around 12 noon, on Tuesday 18th July, 2023, when they observed two men enter a vehicle that was parked at the corner of Prince and Charlotte Streets.

The officers approached the vehicle and informed the occupants of the traffic violation. They then requested that the driver produce his license and insurance. The officers observed the photo on the driver’s license and the person sitting in the driver’s seat were different.

The officers asked the man if the driver’s license was his, to which he allegedly replied ‘Yes’.
The officers informed the driver that they believed the document to be fraudulent.

The driver then allegedly reached into the pocket of the middle armrest and allegedly attempted to hand one of the officers a quantity of cash. He also allegedly said ‘Officer, No Station, Take Money’.

The officer informed the man of the offence he had committed.

The passenger in the vehicle also produced a suspected fraudulent driver’s license.
Both men were arrested in connection with the matter.