Lalla not congratulating Persad-Bissessar; “she has no leadership clothes”

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Lalla not congratulating Persad-Bissessar; “she has no leadership clothes”

Attorney Larry Lalla is refusing to congratulate Kamla Persad-Bissessar, following her win in Sunday’s UNC internal election.

Lalla was not successful in his run for the post of Chairman under Vasant Bharath’s Lotus slate, but said he is a happy loser.

In a social media post, Lalla wrote “I cannot congratulate Persad-Bissessar, as congratulations are reserved for commendation when someone does something admirable. What she has done, again, cannot be considered as admirable by any right-thinking person who has the interest and future of the UNC at heart.”

Lalla said “I wear my loss as a badge of honour because each time I have had the courage and conviction to do what many big men and women in the party have been afraid to do, that is, stand up to the failed leader and say to her, ‘You are a failure and you have to go.”

He added “Change is never easy and always requires people who are independent, who have some courage and who believe in what is just and right, to stand up to those who control by oppression.

“Like the little boy was courageous who stood up and said ‘The Emperor has no clothes.’
“Kamla Persad-Bissessar has no leadership clothes, but is perhaps the most cunning creature on earth, to be able to exercise total control over the UNC the way she does.

“I will live to fight another day when hopefully there will be more men and women like I was privileged and honoured to fight with in Team Loyalists (Dr Roodal Moonilal’s 2015 slate) and Team Lotus who are prepared to stand up and say ‘The Emperor has no (leadership) clothes!'”

Lalla said the reason leaders in civilised countries and political systems step down after an election loss is to allow the party to breathe and for a new leader to take control.

“In the UNC, the failed leader has total control over all party functionaries. Every MP, Senator, alderman, councillor, MP office staff and party executive member is under the total control of the failed leader, because they owe their holding of office solely to the grace of the failed leader.

“The holders of these offices are either happy with the ‘perks’ of opposition or are too afraid of her power and total control over the party to attempt to remove the failed leader,” he said.