MoE guidelines for school reopening

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MoE guidelines for school reopening

The Ministry of Education announced the full return of all students to physical school at the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level from 19th April, 2022; Term III  2021-2022.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, along with Minister in the Ministry of Education, Lisa Morris Julian rolled out the guidelines this afternoon via media conference.

The following is an outline of the major decisions taken for the full return of all students to physical school in Term III for Academic Year 2021/2023.

  1. No rotational schedules to be followed; as such, pre-COVID regular school hours to be reinstated
  2. Entry protocols of handwashing and temperature checks to remain
  3. Enhanced cleaning and sanitization schedules to remain
  4. Students are to be continuously reminded to adhere to protocols of sanitization and handwashing.  These reminders are to be broadcast throughout the day using the PA system, and schools to retain signage to encourage students to practice safety protocols
  5. Students are to be encouraged to maintain personal space and social distancing practices
  6. Whole-school assemblies to be allowed
  7. Whole-school breaks to be allowed- no staggering required
  8. Mandatory mask wearing for all school personnel and students at Primary and Secondary Schools.  This will not be mandatory for ECCE students. ECCE operations will facilitate further safety protocols.
  9. All school sporting and extra-curricular activities to resume
  10. All inter-school sporting and extra-curricular competitions to resume
  11. Education District Medical Health Unit personnel to continue lending support for COVID-19 management to schools
  12. School feeding and school transport to resume full operations
  13. School uniform requirements to be relaxed. Parents are to be guided by Principals, and are asked to corporate with these school-specific guidelines,  as student uniformity is a safety measure for students in Trinidad and Tobago.