Lee: Government is not being forthright with refinery

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Lee: Government is not being forthright with refinery

UNC MP David Lee said government has been fooling the country all along and never really intended to sell the Petrotrin refinery to Patriotic Energies.

Speaking to Power 102 on Sunday, Lee said the Opposition is not surprised and they had said so from day one, that this government was fooling the country and even Patriotic and weren’t negotiating in good faith.

He said some of the offers the Finance Minister Colm Imbert made back in 2019, with regards to giving Patriotic preferential treatment like a three year moratorium, that they did not need to put up cash up front, “we were surprised by that back then, but not surprised by the outcome, given Imbert’s track record.”

Lee said they were also surprised that Patriotic sent their proposal on Thursday night and by Friday, the Energy Minister had completed perused the document and was able to respond in haste by Saturday, saying they rejected the offer.

Lee said leading up to the election, government dangled before the OWTU that they would conclude the negotiations, but it was an election ploy.
“They were not being genuine with the OWTU in the first place.”

He said the Energy Minister kept changing the tune from day one with respect to the refinery and “government is not being forth-right with our crown jewel, which is the refinery.”

Lee said “The refinery belongs to the people of TT and they need to understand what is going on with their refinery and that this government is taking us for fools.”

courtesy Power 102