Erla finally speaks; says TTPS will not relent and will not fail

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Erla finally speaks; says TTPS will not relent and will not fail

Police Commissioner Erla Harewood Christopher has broken her silence saying despite the rising crime, the TTPS will not relent and it will not fail.

In a video statement, she said she understands the need to account to the public but according to her, directing the activities of the TTPS takes precedence.

“There must be an appreciation of the fact that there is a lot the police do and knows that will be imprudent and impractical for the police to disclose,” she said. “That void however, should not be filled with uninformed and often unwarranted critical views.”

She said the murder toll crossing the 300 mark was a “dreaded milestone” and admitted that this causes the greatest anxiety and grief among citizens and it weighs the most on her.

She said gang activity and drugs are the main causes of murder.

The commissioner noted, “Rivalry among members of individual gangs and alliances being formed between breakaway groups resulting in the fight for turf . We observe the practice of repeat offenders, sharing their experience with their peers, and working to empower perpetrators to inhibit the proper investigation of crimes.”

According to the Commissioner,for the six month period, January to June 2023, Trinidad and Tobago recorded 286 murders including 23 double and four, triple homicides. She said the average for the last 10 years was 257, with the next second highest being 278 in 2018 and 259 in 2022.