Energy Ministry launches investigation into fatal NiQuan accident

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Energy Ministry launches investigation into fatal NiQuan accident

The Ministry of Energy has set up a team to investigate the cause of the incident at Niquan Energy Trinidad Ltd which resulted in the death of Allan Lane Ramkissoon.

According to a media release on Monday from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, the team is made up of a group of officers comprising a petroleum engineer, a mechanical engineer, a chemical engineer and a petroleum inspector.

The team has been mandated to determine the root cause and contributory causes of the fatal incident at Niquan, the Energy Ministry stated.

The Energy Ministry stated that on June 15 it received a report of an incident at Niquan where Ramkissoon, a pipe-fitter with Massy Energy Engineering Solutions Ltd suffered severe burn injuries while conducting preparatory work for planned maintenance works on the plant.

Ramkissoon was flown to Colombia for treatment, however it was subsequently learnt by the MEEI on June 18th 2023 that he passed away in Colombia.

“Sincere condolences are extended to the family of Mr. Ramkissoon at this time of bereavement,” the Energy Ministry stated.