Former UNC Senator reveals reasons for PNM switch

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Former UNC Senator reveals reasons for PNM switch

Tarharqa Obika has suggested that his decision to leave the UNC was based on several things including a disagreement over the establishment of an African caucus within the party and the party’s willingness to allow persons who are facing criminal investigations to continue to hold office.

The former UNC Senator last week resigned his position within the party and switched sides to become a PNM member.

Speaking on Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show this morning, he said that his discontent began in 2020 over a race related issue regarding a comparison between youths arrested in Sealots and youths found partying in West Moorings during the COVID lockdown.

He said it came to a head last month when the UNC senators, during a debate in the Senate, responded to a comment on race made by Dr Rowley.