Biden Announces Deal for 200 Million More COVID-19 Doses

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Biden Announces Deal for 200 Million More COVID-19 Doses

US President Joe Biden visited the National Institute of Health and received information from the authorities on vaccination studies in the fight against the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19).

In his speech after his examinations, Biden said, “We signed an agreement today to receive 100 million additional vaccines from Moderna and 100 million from Pfizer.”

The President of the USA stated that the additional vaccines will be delivered to them by the end of July.

“This means that we are saving people’s lives. When I took over the post 3 weeks ago, this country did not have a vaccination plan,” Biden said, adding that after taking office at the White House, they increased the weekly vaccination rate across the country by 30 percent.

Biden also informed that the 100 million doses of vaccines, which both companies previously announced to deliver at the end of June, will be delivered at the end of May with a new agreement.

The US administration has guaranteed a total of 600 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine with the latest agreements. Thus, it was noted that enough vaccine to be supplied to the country to shoot two doses of Covid-19 vaccine for a population of approximately 300 million.

In the USA, which is the country most affected by the epidemic in the world with more than 486 thousand dead from Covid-19 and close to 28 million cases, Covid-19 vaccine has been administered to 46 million people.