Registered Venezuelan nationals get Work Permit exemptions extended

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Registered Venezuelan nationals get Work Permit exemptions extended

Work Permit Exemptions granted to Venezuelan nationals in T&T have been extended to December 31st 2022.

According to the National Security Ministry, this will apply to those who submitted applications during the re-registration exercise conducted from March 8th 2021 to April 9th 2021.

It says re-registered Venezuelan nationals who were issued with Minister’s Permits and updated their migrant registration cards will be contacted and given an appointment to visit the relevant Immigration Division, Enforcement Unit office to process their extended permits and update their registration cards.

Registrants who submitted re-registration applications during the period March 8th 2021 to April 9th 2021 and have outstanding matters, or have not received feedback on their applications, should contact the Immigration Division Enforcement Unit office where they submitted their applications, by April 29th 2022.

The Ministry also urged registrants to inform the Immigration Division of any changes in their contact details via email to [email protected]

A copy of the previously issued migrant registration card, along with full name, date of birth, updated telephone contact, and home address, should be included in the email.

The Ministry says without accurate and updated contact information, the Immigration Division will be unable to advise the registrant on the status of their application.

It adds that failure to visit the relevant Immigration office or to make email contact by April 29th 2022 will prevent further processing, with incomplete applications to be considered as withdrawn.

Approved applicants will be issued with new Minister’s Permits, which will be valid until December 31st 2022, and their existing registration cards will be updated with a sticker indicating the new date of expiry.

New registration cards only be issued to persons who have reported their registration card lost, stolen or mutilated, with a $500 replacement fee to be imposed.

It also reminds that the migrant registration card is NOT a form of identification and should be used in conjunction with a national identification document issued by the Venezuelan authorities.