Adverse Weather Alert To End At 6PM Today.

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Adverse Weather Alert To End At 6PM Today.

The Adverse Weather Alert number three yellow level now in effect will end at six this evening.

The Meteorological Service Friday afternoon, said the winds in the low levels of the atmosphere have decreased slightly but remain relatively strong.

As a result, there is still a high potential for winds to gusts in excess of 55km/hr, especially in the vicinity of showers/thunderstorms.

As confirmed by official reports over the last twenty-forty-eight hours, these winds gusts are capable of hurling loose/unsecured objects, causing tree branches to fall and even trees to fall over.

Seas offshore as well as along exposed coastlines of both islands, will experience above normal conditions.

The Met Service urged the public to secure loose outdoor items and livestock.

Additionally, small craft operators and persons with marine interests should be on the alert for above normal sea conditions.

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