FAKE NEWS: No public shootout


FAKE NEWS: No public shootout

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is reminding members of the public to be cautious of false information sent via social media, which can cause unnecessary panic and anxiety.

The TTPS issued a press release following a video which went viral depicting a public shoot-out that some claim has occurred within the country. The Service is today dispelling the rumours by stating the facts below:

FACT 1: The event captured did not occur in Trinidad and Tobago.
The video originated in Asia.
FACT 2: Just last Sunday the TTPS dispelled other misinformation
spreading on social media pertaining to social media monitoring and
a police-involved shooting incident.

The Commissioner of Police has noted the numerous deliberate attempts by some persons to create panic and anxiety by purposefully spreading false information across social media platforms.  Citizens are advised to refrain from facilitating these forwarding or sharing unverified and inaccurate content from dubious sources on social media. Members of the public are advised to check and stay updated with TTPS Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for accurate information on matters relating to crime and policing.