Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Camera Review


Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Camera Review

In general, there’s a lot to love about the Galaxy Note20 Ultra camera!

With the Note20Ultra, you’ll get a 12MP primary, 12MP ultrawide, and 64MP telephoto camera also adding a ToF sensor to the mix. That makes a very versatile camera experience that will be able to capture almost any shot and, often, the results are very very good!

View of downtown Port of Spain


The primary 12MP camera is capable of taking detailed, stunning shots especially outdoors. The ultrawide camera also really comes in handy for outdoor shots of landscapes or buildings since you can get more of the frame in the same picture without moving from your location.

When it comes to the selfie on the camera the dynamic range is quite impressive and colors and vibrant. Autofocus is great to have and works well, overall. There are plenty of beauty filters to apply to selfies as well. The same full array of slider, like on the main camera, in fact. Plus, a general skin tone slider.


The camera user interface is clean and clutter-free.  If you want to bring your favorite modes like Food, Night, and Live Focus into the picture, thankfully, it’s possible. Love taking pictures of food? If yes, give the nifty Food Mode a shot.

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra series is like the photo enthusiast’s dream come true.