T&T in a dark place says High Court Judge

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T&T in a dark place says High Court Judge

Outspoken High Court judge Frank Seepersad said the country is ‘in a dark place’.

Justice Seepersad made the comments while he was delivering the Sunday morning sermon on Divali Day at the Marabella Presbyterian Church. Seepersad said heightened levels of criminality, intolerance, and divisiveness permeated this country and he personally had seen an increase in the number of matters in the Courts instituted by mortgage companies seeking repossession of homes and increasing numbers of claims for monies due and owing.

The Judge said: “This type of litigation also signals that all is not well with our economy. In spite of the misinformation which we may receive. In spite of the promises which are unrealistic and founded in delusions of grandeur that continued dependency on the State, we need to remove ourselves from the darkness”.

Justice Seepersad added: “We need to take off the blinders and, as a people and come up with a plan that is not contingent upon increased energy revenues. We simply cannot continue along this path because it is a path that poses no promise and future”.

He said we have to unite and make serious decisions if our children are to live peaceful productive lives and have a future.