Hosein’s call for discussion on “outrageous crime rate” grounded by House Speaker

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Hosein’s call for discussion on “outrageous crime rate” grounded by House Speaker

Barataria MP Saddam Hosein, has expressed his displeasure with government, after the Speaker of the House of Representatives shut down his matter to discuss crime on Friday.

Hosein filed the matter in the House to discuss T&T’s “outrageous crime rate”, as one of urgent importance under Standing Order 17. However, the matter was yesterday grounded by House Speaker Bridgid Annisette-George.

The UNC MP said he was informed by the Parliament at 12.57 yesterday, via a phone call, that “the Speaker of the House was not satisfied that this matter of the outrageous crime situation was not urgent, definite and of public importance.”
“As such, the Speaker did not allow the matter to be read during today’s (yesterday’s) sitting and for a record to be placed on the Hansard,” he added.

Hosein said there was an “urgent need for the Government to account to the citizens after witnessing over 500 gruesome murders, robberies, and terrifying home invasions.”

He also noted that it was important to discuss “the failure of the Government to take decisive, urgent and critical measures to protect our citizens from the outrageous increase in criminal activities.”

Hosein said the “Government needs to take decisive action to prevent criminals in their pursuit of murders, robberies and home invasions.”

“If urgent steps are not implemented, it will result in further killing and rampant gang activities,” he added.

He further stated: “The matter is of public importance because citizens are now fearful for their lives as there is no immediate intervention taken by the Government.”