Tsiofatt-Angus to Rowley: Stay out Tbgo business!

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Tsiofatt-Angus to Rowley: Stay out Tbgo business!

Former THA Presiding Officer Denise Tsioafatt-Angus feels differently.

She says fresh elections would do nothing to solve the political issues on the island, and the Prime Minister should stay out of Tobago’s business.

Tsioafatt-Angus lamented what she said is parties’ insistence on playing politics with Tobago’s future.

She accused present parties of pulling wool over the eyes of people in Tobago.

She told News Power Now that while she hears what the Prime Minister is saying unfortunately what is happening now with the formation of a new party and its positioning in the THA, it’s not against the law.

She believes that there needs to be a review of present laws as it relates to managing the relationship between the parties in Tobago.

She maintained the need for a review of the Tobago House of Assembly Act.

Tsioafatt-Angus also insisted that the Prime Minister should have no say in any discussions taking place between Tobago parties.

She stated since he would only be speaking on behalf of the PNM party in Tobago and not the people of Tobago generally, she should stay out of those discussions.