Tobago’s Tourism stakeholders to receive online training from CARPHA

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Tobago’s Tourism stakeholders to receive online training from CARPHA

Tourism stakeholders on the sister isle of Tobago will be offered some free online training, in how to keep themselves, staff and visitors safe during this pandemic.

The online training is being conducted by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and it will be held on December 1, from 2 pm.

The training will focus on Covid19 health guidelines for reopening the tourism sector for the safety of all.

The session is in collaboration with the Tobago House of Assembly, the Ministry of Health and the Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd (TTAL).

Tobago’s acting County Medical Officer of Health Dr Tiffany Hoyte, said this training for stakeholders will ensure Covid19 protective measures are implemented correctly.

Hoyte said “Even the best plans may have shortcomings of things you just didn’t think of. So the key is to be able to adapt to new things.”
She added, “Doing the temperature checks is a very weak type of monitoring. I’m not saying it’s completely useless, I’m saying a lot of people who have been infected may not show symptoms.”

Hoyte said, 75 per cent of the Covid19 patients in Tobago displayed symptoms.
“But of the three quarters that had symptoms, less than five per cent had a fever.

“If you think you’re going to pick up a fever you are putting your eggs in an insecure place. And people are just checking temperature without knowing what they are looking for.

“When we first started seeing cases, businesses would have put measures in place for customers to sanitise and they put a guard there to ensure customers sanitise. Now people have become complacent and there’s nobody monitoring. Now it’s just not a matter of putting things in place.”