The job of the TTPS is to enforce all laws; this according to Super G

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The job of the TTPS is to enforce all laws; this according to Super G

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith says the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is duty-bound to enforce all the nation’s laws.

Via a media release the CoP said the job of the Police Service is to be fair and impartial and as such, it will not disregard enforcing any law based on the age of that law or whom an individual might be.

CoP and his team raid the house of former step-daughter of Min. Nat. Security, Stuart Young

Commissioner Griffith says while some may take issue with police enforcement of laws, all citizens are free to lobby their MPs for Parliament to make changes to any existing law.

He notes interestingly a few years ago when a police officer was charged with sedition, there were no dissenting voices at that time. Commissioner Griffith states that no one is more equal than another in this country inclusive of politicians and union members.

Police arresting MSJ Leader, David Abdullah during an anti-tax protest in Port of Spain in 2009

The CoP says persons trying to justify the actions of anyone who might be in breach of the law or clearing persons who are charged for breaking the law, based on their own limited understandings of that law or the contents of a pending investigation, where more information is known by the police and not members of the public, are simply premature in their actions.

PSA President, Watson Duke when he was at hospital under police guard