Heritage Petroleum responds to oil spill in Woodland

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Heritage Petroleum responds to oil spill in Woodland

Heritage Petroleum says its sixteen inch Trunk pipeline has been isolated and is in the process of being clamped, following reports of an oil spill in the vicinity of New Cut Channel, Woodland.

In a media release, it said company officials were immediately dispatched to the site.

Heritage Petroleum is mobilizing all available resources including the services of specialized oil-spill response contractors to clean up the affected areas.

A wildlife rescue, conservation and rehabilitation team was also engaged.

Additionally, booms are being deployed along the Godineau River to restrict further spread downstream.

The company is conducting ongoing surveillance to ensure the totality of the spill is contained.

Following an assessment of the spill, Heritage Petroleum notified the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries and other regulatory agencies including the Environmental Management Authority and the Occupational Safety and Health Agency.

Heritage said it will continue to keep all appraised of the recovery efforts.