Political Analyst: Presidential vote was a distraction!

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Political Analyst: Presidential vote was a distraction!

A distraction and a tactic to divert attention to the real issues, that’s how Political Analyst Rishi Maharaj views the controversial Presidential vote.

The Electoral College on Friday voted 48-22 in favour of former Senate president Christine Kangaloo to serve as TT’s seventh president.

The vote from the Opposition in support of Khan was 22, three short of the UNC’s full parliamentary membership in the House and Senate.

Speaking on Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show this morning Maharaj said this may have been done as a distraction.

He referred to reports that this could signal a rift in the party saying that while this has been rubbished by members in the upper echelon of the party there may be internal issues that the UNC needs to address.

Turning his attention to Christine Kangaloo as a choice for President Mr Maharaj described her as an interesting choice.