Supermarket Assoc. to use Centre Point Mall for mass vaccination of workers

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Supermarket Assoc. to use Centre Point Mall for mass vaccination of workers

After pleading with government for some time for the opportunity to have employees in their sector vaccinated via a special program, the Supermarkets Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) has finally gotten its wish.

This as the Ministry of Health has made available thousands of Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines for frontliners in the supermarket sector.

According to a statement from the SATT, they have established the first private-public partnership (PPP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to vaccinate Frontliners in the supermarket sector.

This joint SATT-MOH initiative will also be extended for pharmacists in the private sector in an effort to extend the scope of coverage.

This effort has been made possible by further talks with MOH who have made thousands of vaccines available towards the sector. They acknowledge that supermarket employees are at direct risk for transmission of the COVID 19 virus and deserve priority at this time. To this end, MOH has made available the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine for administration for immediate inoculation of those employees desirous of receiving it.

SATT has established a mass vaccination site located at Centrum Auditorium at Centre Point Mall in Chaguanas. This location will be outfitted and operated by MOH ably supported by SATT staffers. It will receive thousands of workers across our sector as well as those pharmacists desirous of inoculation. All required protocols will be well observed and enforced.

This ongoing vaccination exercise will begin on Tuesday 8th June ,2021 for a limited period. A digital registration platform has been established by SATT, in accordance with screening criteria, which has been shared to its membership with overwhelming subscription feedback.

SATT continues to support the notion that working towards herd immunity is a common national goal. Mass vaccination is essential in this aspect and SATT is willing to support MOH towards achieving this. The activation of this site as a tool in our arsenal is an indication of our ability to pivot towards creative solutions in the national interest. We care deeply about our workers and our customers and will continue to strive to support our nation as we battle this pandemic together.