Small business owners give mixed views on Xmas shopping

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Small business owners give mixed views on Xmas shopping

Days before the Christmas holiday and reports of traffic pile ups, filled malls and business places around the country especially in and around Port of Spain and San Fernando have been increasing in frequency.

The suggestion is that shopping is thriving during the holiday season.

However reports in the media paint a different picture.

Several business groups have said that just days to go before Christmas, shopping in the country’s main commercial centres has been slow, with people seeking the “bare necessities” and holding back for an expected rise in the cost of living in 2024.

News Power Now took to the streets in Port of Spain to get an idea from business owners just how bleak Christmas shopping has been going.

There were mixed views from operators of small businesses who have set up their trade at the popular Woodford Square, Port of Spain.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning, one entrepreneur admitted that coming off the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a decline in sales.

Another proprietor said Tuesday was her first day at the site and sales were very slow.

She said that she’s hoping activities pick up in terms of sales.

Another female operator admitted the Port of Spain City Corporation shifted tents used by the small business owners to a new location and things have been very encouraging since then.