Secret Racist Facebook Groups Used by U.S. Military


Secret Racist Facebook Groups Used by U.S. Military

High and normal positioned U.S. military faculty are sharing their extreme right philosophies in secret Facebook gatherings.

Facebook has seemingly been a haven for people who offer white patriot, bigot, and extreme right philosophies. However, NBC News has quite recently delivered data about military faculty doing exactly the same thing on the web-based media stage covertly gatherings.

NBC News reports the mysterious gatherings are intended for extraordinary activities powers, and the power source says you will not have the option to discover them except if you are an individual from the military. Out of the many posts, many included bigot, misogynist, and hostile substance and language.

“We sifted through hundreds of posts on these groups, private groups. You couldn’t find them unless you’re a member if you were to search for these. And what we found were things like racist commentary, particularly about the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin. Political leadership. Sexist commentary,” said NBC News White House correspondent Carol Lee.

“We found even QAnon conspiracy theories, a lot of support for the false claims that there was fraud in the 2020 election. And so, you know, a lot of Americans think of these troops as the most elite, the most revered. Yet, when you look at what’s happening behind closed doors, among a segment of them, there’s some really disturbing material there.”

NBC News said they spoke with former Army Ranger and Green Beret Jack Murphy, who shared that the posts are “particularly dangerous among special forces given how specially trained they are, the types of training they have and the skills that they have,” Lee said.

Lee spoke with Murphy further, who said the “dual loyalties” some of the personnel in the group have is troubling because you have to take an oath to get into QAnon, and ultimately, they are fighting against the government.

As far as what’s been done about the Facebook group, Lee says the Pentagon and the military is “trying to get their arms around this problem.”

“They don’t have good data about it. They have done a great job of trying to root this type of behavior out. They announced last week some new measures will try to screen recruits better and give veterans outside of the military some information to understand how these extremists groups might target them.