Public Admin Ministry to develop citizen feedback system and remote work policy

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Public Admin Ministry to develop citizen feedback system and remote work policy

Public Administration Minister Allyson West has announced plans to implement a citizen feedback system.

This is being done with the aim of improving service in the public sector.

West made the revelation, while speaking during the launch of the Property and Real Estate Services Division (PRESD) portal, at Queen’s Hall, Port-of-Spain on Wednesday.

The Minister said: “The process of developing a citizen feedback system will make it easy to share your views on the ways in which we can improve service delivery across the public service.”

West also revealed that her Ministry “is working selflessly on the development of a remote work policy, commonly referred to as a work-from-home policy, but we are moving away from that nomenclature and moving to a ‘remote work’ across the Public Service.”

Further development of this policy is expected to be conducted by key stakeholders which West said is done with the sole purpose of ensuring this policy “does not negatively impact the service provided to the citizenry.”

She added: “We are also establishing service hubs in strategic locations through the expansion of our network of administrative complexes, and began the process of the establishment of these complexes in Point Fortin and Arima.”

With the launch of the PRESD portal, Association of Real Estate Agents president Mark Edghill said it will aid property owners in maintenance and real-estate advertising for rental, lease or purchase.