TTPS deny claims of negligence involving sexual violence and assault of a child and woman

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TTPS deny claims of negligence involving sexual violence and assault of a child and woman

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is denying social media reports, which purport that it was negligent in treating with an alleged incident involving the rape of a child and the assault of a woman.

The post also claims that several persons in the vicinity of the alleged incident made several reports to the TTPS without any response by our officers.

However, the TTPS said it conducted internal investigations and discovered that the claims of dereliction of duty as alluded to in the post are false.

In a release, they stated: “Our records indicate that a report was made last Saturday at the San Fernando Police Station by a woman who stated that her child was touched by a man. However, there were no allegations made regarding sex or sexual intercourse. The woman also stated that she was not assaulted by the man.

A statement was taken by WPC Sanjan of the San Fernando Police Station, the report was referred to the Child Protection Unit and the matter is currently under investigation.

Police also investigated the claims made in the post that proprietors of nearby businesses also placed several calls to the police to report the matter but, “no one came”. Officers visited the area and inquired if the persons named in the post called the police and they all denied the claim. The persons also claimed that they heard a commotion coming from the premises where the alleged crime occurred, but they were not intimately aware of the details of the matter.

The police assured that issues of child abuse, sexual abuse and gender-based violence are treated with the utmost urgency.