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President praises Carifesta -chastises rendition of Anthem

Her Excellency
Paula Mae Weekes

The rendition of The National Anthem by mezzo soprano Danielle Williams has drawn remonstrations from President of the Republic of TT Paula-Mae Weekes. Her Excellency has taken issue with the way the national anthem was embellished, adjusted and sung at the closing ceremony of Carifesta on Sunday evening.

Danielle Williams

Her Excellency while congratulating all organizers, visitors and contributors pulled no punches in expression her disappointment and displeasure at the rendition of the National Anthem at the closing ceremony.

“The National Anthem must be sung in its original music; no introduction or coda can be added or other artistic licence taken in its rendition. The offence is compounded when it occurs at an official function, as was the closing ceremony of Carifesta XIV.”

Her Excellency added “Our National Anthem, like our National Flag and Coat of Arms, identifies us as a nation and must at all times be accorded the utmost respect.”

The statement officially issued by The Office of The President sparked widespread debate on social media with most people agreeing with the sentiments expressed by the President.