Police officers bust a human trafficking/child prostitution ring

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Police officers bust a human trafficking/child prostitution ring

Police officers bust a human Trafficking/Child Prostitution ring in Arima.

According to police reports, three persons are expected to be charged with being a gang leader after police arrested five suspects allegedly involved in a human trafficking and child prostitution ring last Saturday.

The five are also expected to be charged with other serious offences such as supporting a gang, trafficking in children, inciting a child to become a prostitute, arranging and facilitating the prostitution of a child and sexual penetration of a child.

Two foreign nationals, and a police officer were among five suspects arrested by the Northern Division-North, Arima Criminal Investigations Department (CID) on Saturday 4th June, 2022, after they conducted diligent and pain-staking enquiries. The enquiries were conducted following the discoveries made during a search warrant exercise at a premises located at John Shaw Avenue, Eastern Main Road, Arima on Friday 15th April, 2022. While there, police found and rescued several foreign nationals, including minors. Sex paraphernalia, a quantity of condoms, a large amount of alcohol, a quantity of cash and a roulette machine were among the other items found and seized for evidential purposes from the unlicensed premises.

The evidence led officers to conduct further enquires, which resulted in the arrest of the five suspects on Saturday, and the seizure of one kilogram of marijuana, a large quantity of cash and other items.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Mc Donald Jacob commented that this successful operation is a direct result of strategic decision by his executive to divide the Northern Division, which is the largest Police Division into North and North-Central. He said the split was done to bring about more effective crime management and greater operational and administrative efficiency which would ultimately lead to reduced crime and safer communities.

The Acting Commissioner said with this operation, significant inroads have been made into the scourge of human trafficking and the exploitation of women and children, who are seen as vulnerable and easy targets by unscrupulous gangs. He said the TTPS will continue to relentlessly pursue these depraved and heartless criminals who have no regard for humanity, the innocence of children and the sanctity of life. He also thanked the officers involved and the external agencies, including Immigration Division and Counter Trafficking Unit.

The investigation was spearheaded by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ramnarine Samaroo and co-ordinated by Snr Supt, Christopher Paponette, Supt Edwards and Insp Pitt, under the legal directions and advice of Attorney at Law/TTPS Legal Officer, Zaheer Ali. Ag/Cpl Persad of the Northern Division Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.) conducted the exercise with the assistance of other officers from the Northern Division, Multi-Operational Police Section (M.O.P.S) and Ag/Cpl Antoine and other officers of the Special Task Force. The Immigration Division-Enforcement Unit and the Counter Trafficking Unit also assisted in the operation.

Investigations are continuing.