Education Ministry Re-Issues Measures To Deal With School Violence

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Education Ministry Re-Issues Measures To Deal With School Violence

Students who commit serious offences while in uniform, whether on or off the school’s compound, face the maximum penalty of expulsion.

This applies to students engaged in fights that result in serious injury to others, or the wielding of dangerous weapons.

These guidelines are outlined in the Education Act and the National School Code of Conduct of the Ministry of Education to Principals.

The guidelines were reissued by the Chief Education Officer this afternoon.

A statement by the Ministry said these measures are especially necessary in the context of continuing indiscipline among the school population, most recently, the alleged violent assault on a student by another after school hours in Williamsville on June 6th.

The Ministry said the Principal’s report on this incident was received on Tuesday and a decision on the disciplinary action to be meted out will be taken and communicated to the school and parents by end of day.

The statement said Principals were also reminded that all incidents of this nature are to be reported immediately to the nearest Police Station and the Executive of the Ministry.

It said the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has advised that they will lay appropriate charges in all such circumstances.