Perenco shuts down 3 offshore platforms due to COVID19

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Perenco shuts down 3 offshore platforms due to COVID19

Three offshore platforms run by Perenco Trinidad and Tobago Limited have been shut down.

Reports are that the company on Tuesday shut down the Teak, Samaan and Poui fields due to an alleged outbreak of Covi19.

This latest development follows a series of complaints from workers, who reported that Covid affected staff were intermingling with other workers.

All workers were transported to state facilities or other locations for quarantine pending testing.

A Guardian report states that 16 more workers who tested positive, along with a French national, were transported to the University of the West Indies’ Debe campus for state quarantine. The French national, however, was taken by ambulance to an undisclosed location.

Another batch of workers, said to number close to 30, are already under quarantine at the Tradewinds Hotel, San Fernando.

The three platforms are to be sanitized, with reports stating that the Teak platform was sanitized last evening, with a repeat scheduled for today.