Man facing charges for uniating on ex-wife’s grave

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Man facing charges for uniating on ex-wife’s grave

How petty is petty and how long is too long to hold a grudge?

Well…a New Jersey man is facing several charges after he was caught urinating on his ex-wife’s grave nearly five decades after their divorce.

Michael Andrew Murphy said he and his sister started finding deli bags filled with feces at their mother’s grave in April.

They figured the first one might have been dropped by a careless dog walker, but after the second bag, they got the police involved.

The cemetery allowed them permission to set up cameras.

In the video, the culprit continued to appear around 6:15 a.m. for four days in a row, but the images were not totally clear.

The next day, Murphy got to the cemetery early and set up with his phone by his mother’s grave and recorded the suspect, 68-year-old Dean Eichler.

Eichler was briefly married to Torello before they divorced in 1974.

In the video Eichler is seen approaching the grave and urinating on it while his current wife waits in the car.

The Police say Eichler has received a summons for urinating in public while detectives investigate the possibility of more serious charges.