Lil Uzi Vert Shows Off $24M Diamond Forehead Implant


Lil Uzi Vert Shows Off $24M Diamond Forehead Implant

Lil Uzi Vert was the talk of social media today after revealing the new pink diamond that was recently implanted in his forehead. Amid the chatter, people are criticizing the rapper because they think the stone isn’t centered on the rapper’s face, but Uzi begs to differ.

During an Instagram Live session on February 3rd, the former 2016 XXL Freshman explained that there’s a long bar that was placed behind the stone because of swelling caused by the piercing. It can be assumed that the bar shifts the stone to the side, making the stone appear as if it isn’t in the middle of Uzi’s forehead when it actually is centered.

“So, it’s actually in the middle,” Uzi began. “This jawn in the middle. I just got a long bar in it because I just got it pierced and the swelling, when the swelling goes down… Short bar, so it won’t move. Y’all keep talking about it’s off. It’s ’cause I got a long bar in it so it can move ’cause it’s swelling. But when it go down, we gon‘ be right there.”

Lil Uzi began trending on social media after a friend of his, entrepreneur Windsor “Slow” Rubin, who owned the clothing brand Slowbucks, both shared images of Uzi’s new face jewelry. The photos were posted via Instagram by way of screenshots from their individual FaceTime conversations.

Uzi later shared a video of his own via Instagram, which gave a clearer view of the pink adornment on his face. “Beauty is pain,” he captioned the clip, which features him wearing sunglasses while one of his unreleased tracks can be heard playing in the background.

Although people have been saying Lil Uzi Vert paid $24 million for his latest piece of jewelry, the cost of the stone hasn’t been confirmed. However, Uzi did tell a fan over the weekend that the pink diamond is almost 11 carats after being asked if the diamond costs more than $2 million per carat.

Uzi previously revealed that he was in the process of getting the gem from New York City-based celebrity jeweler Elliot Eliantte. Now, it’s his. The Pluto x Baby Pluto rhymer said he’s been paying for the multimillion-dollar diamond since 2017.