TTPS to create database on PH Taxi drivers

TTPS to create database on PH Taxi drivers

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is now looking at creating a database of taxi drivers.

This comes as the issue of PH taxi drivers has again been placed on the front burner, following the disappearance of 22-year-old Andrea Bharatt.

Speaking at today’s TTPS media briefing, Griffith said “I will be meeting with the various heads of the police, to discuss an exercise to create a database of all taxi and and regular PH taxis.

He said the aim is for officers at various divisions “to visit taxi stands and pass these forms out so that they can have a PH database, and with that database we can draw reference to see what possible drivers may have criminal records so that we can actually keep monitoring these persons of interest.”

Griffith said under the Motor Vehicles act, they have the authority to do so.


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    C L R Chase 4 months

    Thank you FINALLLY!!!!!!! you don’t have to give me any credit. I have being saying that for a while now; and anyone that refuse to co-operate immediately flag them and the vehicle it must be zero tolerance. You don’t need parliamentary approval because the government and the police is doing PH drivers are favour by not enforcing the law and who want to lawyer-up let them do it and drag them through the courts for 10years and make them pay for the state and their legal fees at the end. This should come into effect as of yesterday. We need to root out these predators that operate as taxi drivers.

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