Lady Saw launches $2M GoFundme to build her own church

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Lady Saw launches $2M GoFundme to build her own church

The former Queen of Dancehall Lady Saw, now goes by Minister Marion Hall, has revealed that her journey as a Christian is about to take on a new face as she unveiled her desire to build a church.

On Friday, the dancehall icon, who recently made a comeback as a gospel artiste, revealed that she is committed to her Christian lifestyle, and despite the words of critics, she is ready to forage into the secular world to save lives for Christ. Minister Marion Hall, who calls herself a Minister/ preacher, posted a GoFundMe to raise US$2 million to purchase land to build a church.

She revealed the church called Holy Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ “is seeking $2.7 million US dollars to purchase a property that is now available to us to build our church on. Any amount you can give towards this project will be greatly appreciated.”

The project, she added, “will also [be] the home of Marion Hall cooking ministry where we will feed the less fortunate once a week.”

So far, GoFundMe has received $90 from three donors for a target amount of US$2 million.

On Instagram, she added, “We have found a property to build the home of Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ. Can you please help us by donating too the purchasing and building of the lord house. Thank you. May the lord bless you in all things.”

Hall’s church services are currently being held from within the confines of her home, but she connects with her fans and followers via Instagram Live and on YouTube, where she streams her sermons.

The artiste recently made history as the first to donate 2500 bibles during her Reggae Sumfest Bible. Despite speculations that she might want to return to dancehall, the artiste has maintained that she will continue to follow Christ.

Addressing her followers recently, the artiste revealed that it might be unusual for some to accept that this is how God has called her to serve, and even if that means she has to upset traditional church folks, she will continue to do so.

Earlier this year, Minister Marion Hall received some criticisms from some members of her faith after announcing her performance at Reggae Sumfest, a show she once dominated in her dancehall era. Not only was she banned from her church, but she was also labeled a fake Christian minister by some church members. In her response, Hall likened it to being banned by some parishes in Jamaica following one of her famous Reggae Sumfest performances.

“Keep your church; you don’t have to invite me at your church,” Hall said. “There is some who will, but whoever can’t handle me, you can’t handle my praise because why would I be up in your church not praising?… So weh you mean you telling them don’t bring me? You remind me of when I was in Jamaica and Montego Bay banned me when I was X-Rated. Now the church is banning me, oh God of glory.”

“I’m about to go to some places that some of you wouldn’t want to go and wouldn’t want me to go but it’s time. God is doing what he’s doing so I’m going to some concerts that you’re gonna be like ‘What is she doing there’. I’m going to the Jerk Fest dem, I’m going to the Groove in the Park, I’m going to anything that is clean, anything that family and children is at,” Hall said during her Facebook Live sermon.

“Did you not read Jeremiah? Did you not read Isaiah? Strip naked? Preaching the word of God? Did I not tell you about what the Lord told me after he dressed me like that to get you all attention? Guess what he said, preach a sermon titled ‘when God breaks protocol’, God broke protocol that day, he dressed me like that,” she added.